Hi there! So, you’ve seen my name ’round the net, huh? Thought you’d “pop ’round” and have a peek-see? Well, truth be told, I’ve seen you too and I’ve been checking you out and I must say you do look mighty fine and —

No, wait, stop it! That’s not right! It’s not like that at all. Let’s try this again.

Hi there! Welcome to Le blog du Theosebes Goodfellow. Since all the known dimensions, the universe and the internet allow just about any blitherin’ idiot to expound on just about any type of nonsense, I thought I would. Before you trot off to explore some of my mental excreta, a word of caveat. Lector emptor.

I do not expect you to agree agree with all or any of what you find here. If fact, if you did I would think you a blithering idiot. Not because of the nature of the content of my ideas but in the fact that you were lacking in original thought of your own. One of the main purposes of these musings is to make you think, not to do your thinking for you.  That said, if your take umbrage at anything you find here, then do us both a favor. Do not trash what I have done here. Just go out and start your own blog and muse ‘fer yerseff’.

There will be a comments form for those who wish to add to the conversation, but just because you post something, it doesn’t mean a) it will appear, b) it will get a response, or c) be seen by any other human eyes ever. I’m not trying to ‘bum you out’, I’m just breaking it to you gently that this site has any infinitely colossal probability of never becoming the center of any universe, regardless of what dimension you consider it from.

Also, I now bring you a few words from my colorful legal counsel. Here’s what my attorney would have me let you know, (and I quote):

“All this shit on this site is copyrighted. Use of any part of it without prior written permission from its owner is strictly prohibited. Don’t make me sue your ass.”©

I apologize for that. Didn’t I say counsel was colorful?

So that’s it. Go forth and read, think, learn and grow. I hope you enjoy your time here and thanks for stopping by.


Published on May 19, 2014 at 3:17 pm  Leave a Comment  

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