Once you get to be a certain age, everyone should chose a name that suits them best. Although no one ever told you this, you do have the right to become anyone you wish to be, as long as it’s not someone else. That would be freaky and would make you a front-row candidate for shrinking, if you know what I mean. This renaming yourself business is extremely  true if the folks who gave you your moniker are of the “dearly departed” variety. Trust me, they don’t really give a shit about it anymore, and when you do see them again it will be water under the bridge.

Theosebes, (adorant of God), Goodfellow is the name I chose. In a strange theoretical sense, we should all be Theosebes Goodfellow. It has a very Everyman flavor to it. We should all be adorant, (as an adjective in English, a verb in Catalan, French, (present participle of adorer), or in Latin, (as third person plural present active indicative of adoro)), of God and we should all strive to be “good fellows“.

Theosebes Goodfellow is also my nom de plume. I have others, some that are older, some more sinister, but this is the one that suits me best now. I anticipate that it will change at some point in the future as I move to a more “codger-ish” age in my life. Just don’t call me tatterdemalion.



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